Organic Syrup

Getting a toddler to drink milk can be challenging (actually, getting a toddler to do anything can be challenging). When our daughter refused to drink milk we looked for a flavored syrup that we could add to her milk that was natural, but we couldn’t find any. The strawberry syrups we found didn’t actually contain any strawberries in the ingredients and most were made with corn syrup, artificial flavors and colors. We felt this was an opportunity to create a product we would want to have in our home. Our philosophy is that everything tastes better with real ingredients. Our syrup is organic, contains real ingredients and has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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Organic Strawberry Syrup [SOLD OUT TILL MID JULY]

Organic Strawberry Syrup [SOLD OUT TILL MID JULY]

$47.94 for six (20 oz) bottles
Organic strawberry flavored syrup. Made with real organic strawberries and a delicious way to turn your milk into strawberry milk! Also delicious on pancakes, ice cream, yogurt and desserts!

Ingredients :

Organic sugar, water, organic strawberry puree, organic strawberry flavor, organic beet juice (color), xanthan gum.

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