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I've been telling my friends

 I never used to enjoy granola...until now! I have been buying your chocolate chip granola for over a year now and I put it on everything. I have been telling friends about your gluten free treats and I had an idea for you! I was thinking it might be fun to have a testimonial section on your site. Thanks again for your wholesome snacks - Andrea, Chicago, IL (Thanks, Andrea, we listened!)

Your product is definitely a winner!!!!!

 I tasted your granola for the first time at the Ridgewood, NJ Whole Foods and loved it -bought a bunch of bags! Granola is one of those things I don't necessarily feel I need to have around my house because most are very sugary, high calorie and filled with lots of junk. After eating some of the Motor City Crunch (BTW, cute name and story) this time, I took a closer look at your ingredients and nutritional info. and was totally impressed. Your granola is DELICIOUS!! and I'm impressed with how clean your ingredients are! I love your flavors -they are all pure and taste like food should. Your stuff is much better than anything else I've tried and now knowing what I do about your ingredients and philosophy, I will not hesitate to keep them around my house. Keep up the great work!! Your product is definitely a winner!!!!! - Emily, Ridgewood, NJ

Great product for us Glutards

 I have been dying to try your product for months but didn't want to buy it in bulk without trying it first. I picked up the maple vanilla and chocolate chip at whole foods today and it was amazing!!! You make a fantastic product and its so hard to find delicious gluten free granola. I will refer you to as many people as I can and I can't wait to see you expand your horizons - Thanks for making a great product for us glutards hehe :) - Danielle, Salem, NH


 I must tell you that I have had MANY MANY granolas in my life, both GF and regular, and I have NEVER had anything as unbelievable as your chocolate chip flavor. It is VERY difficult to stop once youve had a tiny bit. You should be truly proud of this product, as Im sure your others are equally wonderful. Just wanted to share this with you. - Shelli (New York, NY)

Amazing Times 10

 Hey there, I've never written any company about any food product before, until now. Yesterday, I had the good fortune to discover your chocolate chip granola at Whole Foods in Minneapolis. It is amazing x 10. - Mark, Minneapolis, MN

It's Wonderful

 Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased your Motor City Crunch from Whole Foods in South Bend Indiana. It's wonderful!!! Perfect amount of chocolate. I am trying to eat a little healthier this year and I can eat it without feeling too guilty. I can't wait to try the rest!!! Keep up the good work! - Jennifer, South Bend, IN

Use it Every Day

 Hello, my name is Ashli and I am just writing to let you know just how much I love your granola, I discovered it about a month ago at Whole Foods and I am in love. I use it every day in my oatmeal and my yogurt. I have only tried the vanilla maple and the pecan almond flavors but I have no doubt the others are just as tasty. I always have an extra pack at work and I have shared it with my coworkers. They are hooked also. Many of my coworkers have gone out and purchased their own packs so they wouldn't eat my entire stash. Great product. Kudos!!! Ashli, Jamaica, NY


 I tried a sample of your Almond Cherry Granola while in Austin last weekend at Whole Foods and immediately bought a bag. It's delicious and in fact the best granola I've ever eaten! I'll be buying more! How FABULOUS that it's non-GMO AND gluten-free! Congratulations on making a superior product! - Bonnie, Raymondville, TX


 Your granola is amaze-balls. I ate 10 handfuls of it and will probably go back for another 10. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your determination to make such a quality granola product. I have single-handedly turned my office mates on to your granola. Bravo! - Lindsey, Chicago, IL

Enjoyed Would be an Understatement

 Hi - I rarely do this but your product was so good I had to take a moment to send you an email. I have purchased various brands over the years and last night I was doing my regular bi-weekly shopping at Whole Foods and instead of picking up one of my usual brands I decided to give yours a try. It was a bit more $ but liked that it was gluten free and had almonds and cherries. This morning I made my usual fruit/yogurt/granola/flaxseed bowl and to say I enjoyed your granola would be an understatement. I have continued to eat it all day - seriously. Anyway just wanted to share and say thank you for creating such a great product. Can't wait to try the other flavors. - Terry, Mason, OH

Your Chocolate Chip Granola is so good that...

  • It makes you wanna call your mom and just cry softly into the phone.
  • It would have beaten both Romney AND Obama.
  • You have to wear a minimum SPF 90 sunblock when opening a bag as it just shines too bright.
  • Amazonian tribes have a special term for it that you only learn once you pass into adulthood, as part of a painful yet delicious ritual.
  • Animals can sense it, much in the same way that they sense earthquakes, and they also want some.
  • Prince has written several songs about it, but they were too steamy for release.
  • Zombies prefer it to brains.
  • Certain local native species of songbird will stop mid song, enraptured by the promise of what that green and white bag holds
  • It's technical term should actually be "Granohmygodwheredidyougetthisseriously".
  • The French, long known for their intensely perfect cuisine, refuse to acknowledge its existence, claiming that if it is not of France, then it is not at all. Many of them have an illicit bag stashed somewhere though.

So thanks, I'm off for another bowl.  Luke, Minneapolis, MN

By far the best granola

 LOVE your product. Jessica's is by far the best granola I have come across. Actually, my mom picked one up for me one day and I have been hooked ever since. Audrey, Oak Park, IL

I'm in love


I just wanted to let you know that I'm in love with the vanilla flavored granola. I can't stop eating it! I stumbled upon it at Whole Foods market while doing a detox. I had to find foods that were gluten free, and being a granola fanatic, I decided to try yours out. It is simply delicious and I just wanted to thank you for providing such a delicious and healthy treat! - Tanice, Grove City, OH

This is a lucky find

 Jessica's GF granola is delicious - every flavor I've tried so far. My child has food allergies, and she loves the granola for breakfast and for snack. This is a lucky find for us. Taliah, Chicago, IL

It freakin' rocks

 We love your granola - it freakin' rocks!! It's amazing to find gluten free products that are so awesome tasting.  Dan, Columbus, OH

Bar none best granola

 This is by far, hands down, bar none, the best granola I've ever had! I look forward to it every morning with yogurt - only 11 more hours till breakfast! Did I mention, I'm not even gluten-free! Mark, Royal Oak, MI